Bimini finds quality, gainful employment for teaching professionals in China.

The Bimini Way

Our mission statement is simple: To land you your dream job.


We provide excellent value by: 

1) Taking more time to understand your needs and desires.

2) Offering a realistic assessment of your background in light of market conditions. 

3) Finding best fitting schools that meet your crieria. 

4) Keeping in close, constant communication. 

5) Assisting even after successful placement. 

Yes, we are that unicorn.

Ok sensei, we will DO!


Tony B- "The level of service is unparalleled. If you want your concerns alleviated and your questions answered, consult with Bimini today!" 


Adella C- "Excellent service and I was paid on time which is what I truly was worried about in going to a foreign country." 


Ahmad S- "At first, I was hesitant to use an agency, but Bimini is not like the rest. They take the time to assess your needs and then match you with schools hitting as many of your criteria as possible. Highly recommended." 


Tansy H- "I was always given a quick, clear answer when I had a question. With their extensive resources, you stand a good chance of finding work if you partner with Bimini."   


Psst: Don't Put Up With It Anymore!!

Partner With Bimini To Earn Profits

Do you want to earn money by helping people? Email your teacher friends' CVs to


Upon successful placement and fulfillment of the minimum employment period, you can earn a substantial amount payable via Wechat Pay, Alipay, or PayPal.