Listings- Other Cities

I. Teaching Jobs 


A) SHANGHAI Training Center - 20K

B) SHENZHEN Kindergarten/Training Center— up to 20K Young adults- 17K

C) FOSHAN, GUANGDONG Primary School- Up to 19K with no office hours

D) JIANGSU Kindergarten- Dependent on qualifications & experience

                                                (M-F 8-4PM with 2 hour lunch break!)

E) CHANGSHA Training Center- 10-11K plus apartment (Non-native female)

F) DALIAN Training Center- 15-22K plus apartment

G) WENZHOU Training Center- Up to 25K plus apartment


II. Nanny Positions 



    1) Possess excellent English, great attitude, and willingness to work

    2) Be great with young kids and have the ability to teach them English 


Compensation: 6-8K RMB plus work permit For all jobs, please email your CV and intro video to